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Water, Not Down The Drain

Water: Not Down the Drain

A guide to using rainwater and greywater at home
by Stuart McQuire

It’s time to think of other ways to secure water for the home. This book shows you how.

Water Not Down the Drain is a comprehensive guide to sustainable water use around the home. With Australia experiencing one of its driest phases in history, everyone has to think about how they use the water available to them and find ways to reduce their day to day water use. The good news is that with rainwater and greywater, people have more water available to them than they think.

Topics include:

  • Making the most of the water you have
  • Saving water, including tips on how to use less water
  • Top water greenhouse savers
  • Calculating how much water is available including rainwater, greywater and stormwater
  • Where can you use rainwater, greywater and stormwater
  • Rainwater tanks and where to place them
  • Tank types including under floor tanks
  • Regulations
  • Rebates
  • Selecting a greywater system
  • Greywater health and safety
  • Watering systems for greywater
  • Composting toilets and complete treatment systems such as worm farms
  • Wise watering in the garden
  • How to use stormwater at home

Water Not Down the Drain includes case studies from author Stuart McQuire’s house, including examples of how he uses rainwater, greywater and stormwater. Useful tips and advice appear throughout the book to help you make changes at home.

About the author
Stuart McQuire’s household used to be above average suburban water users. Since then they have reduced their mains water use by 96 per cent. In fact, they use just two and a half buckets of mains water per day, but still have a thriving garden full of fresh produce. All other water comes from the site either as rainwater or recycled water. Stuart began using rainwater and greywater in the early nineties to save water, and his home has gained a national and international profile for its role in pioneering environmental technologies and sustainable living.

Stuart McQuire is an environmental scientist and past president of the Alternative Technology Association. This is his second book about water. In this book, he shares his journey to sustainable water use and shows readers what he’s done at home. Stuart’s house is surrounded by a permaculture garden with 20 fruit and nut trees, and features grid-connected solar electricity, solar hot water, rainwater tanks, water recycling, composting and chooks. The book includes photos of Stuart’s water smart house and garden.

Retail price only: $29.95

Click here to order your copy.

Now Available in Borders – check both the magazine and book section of the store to locate a copy.

The book is published by the Alternative Technology Association and supported by the Smart Water Fund.


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