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The SolarBrick from Hotbeam is a self-contained solar powered light designed for traffic and decorative uses. This device is waterproof, easy to install and can be driven over by vehicles. The SolarBrick is available in 6 bright colours. It comes in 2 standard sizes, 200x200x60mm and 200x100x60mm.

Rechargeable batteries currently used in conventional solar devices need battery replacement every 2-3 years at best. They also have a narrow working temperature range. The SolarBrick uses a ultracapacitor called the EnergyCache to store its charge. The EnergyCache enables the SolarBrick to be used in any environment without maintenance for more than 10 years and has a wide operating temperature range of -40°~75°C.

During the day, solar energy is converted to electricity through the solar cells and stored in the ultracapacitor. At night, the inviting soft glow from the light emitting diode (LED) is automatically turned on. Full charge takes 1 hour under direct sunlight and 6-8 hours under shade. The light stays “on” for more than 12 hours from a fully charged ultracapacitor.


Public Space: Walkways, driveways, pool-side, decks, landscaping, lawns
Commercial: Plazas, shopping malls, showrooms, shop windows
Traffic: Roadsides, airports, pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, median strips
Architectural: Building entrances, corporate signage

The SolarBrick can also be installed vertically on the sides of buildings or structures.


  • Stays illuminated for more than 12 hours
  • Quick recharge. 1 hour charge under sunlight, 6-8 hours under cloud or rain
  • No maintenance. No expensive wiring labour required
  • Lasts more than 10 years
  • Automatic on/off at ambient illuminance levels of 150~300 LuxHot
  • Available in 6 attractive colours: amber, blue, green, orange, red and white
  • Super-strong polycarbonate housing with high compressive strength
  • Tolerates environmental extremes. Works in temperature range of -40° to 75°C
  • Waterproof, UV protected and scratch resistant
  • Non-contaminating materials

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