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Australia’s Eco-Property Guide

The trend for people to consider selling up their higher priced city home, being mortgage free and heading to a coastal retreat for a more relaxed and family oriented life has been reported often in TV shows and print stories. Of course most of us still need to make a living so this requires either means having an easily transferable set of skills or making changes to way income is earned by running a small business or changing your profession.

Making the move to rural or regional areas of Australia is far less common despite the fact that Australia is known as the wide brown land and farming and the outback iconic. Returning to or considering country life is definitely the poor relation these days and it will be interesting to see what it may take to change this trend.

There are though some fabulous opportunities for families or business partners to consider not only moving to rural parts of Australia but taking up a new way of life. One example would be to join the organic industry by buying an already establishing citrus farm and business. All the hard work is now done with of course some potential to be realised if you wanted to grow the business further. Added benefit is that the current owners providing training and support. On the other end of the scale are properties such as in Tasmania which are more hobby farms where the activity on the farm at least pays its way and contributes food to the family and can blend with some off-farm activity to combine a wonderful way of family life.

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dsc_0796-1.jpg HAUL started as Urban Boomerang in Tasmania in 1998 by Scott Kilmartin who, when moving to Melbourne in 2000 changed the companie’s branding to haul in 2003.


haul is an indie streetwear brand that designs using ‘green materials’ building a range of recycled accessories from used vinyl advertising billboards, rubber truck inner tubes & number plates.

rack.jpg  All products are Australian made and are certified “Good Environmental Choice” by the Australian Environmental Labelling Association.


haul products are stocked domestically in streetwear boutiques, motorcycle & design stores and independent Apple centers:  World domination planned for late 2008 (AUD$ permitting!)

Taking ‘used’, making ‘unique’, no two products are EVER the same.

Top 10 Green Ideas For The Year

bin.jpgMarquette Turner are bringing to you the best new business ideas of 2007, featuring our personal favourites. This isn’t a trip down memory lane—all of these smart concepts will continue to provide entrepreneurs with plenty of opportunities in 2008. Next up, green-green-green: eco & sustainability.

  1. Wind power, still made here: Windunie (Dutch for wind union) is a collective of 230 wind turbine owners, most of whom are farmers who operate turbines as an extra source of income. All sell the energy they produce directly to consumers. Windunie’s customers can pick a specific farm they want to buy electricity from. More »
  2. Eco-friendly pack and move solution: Moving supplies such as boxes, bubble wrap and other packaging materials remain piled up in landfills long after people have settled into their new abodes. EarthFriendlyMoving has set out to change that by offering eco-friendly moving supplies available at consumer-friendly prices. EarthFriendlyMoving’s RecoPack—short for Recycled Ecological Packing Solution—containers are … More »
  3. Biodegradable milk jugs: Designed and manufactured in Britain, Greenbottle is a biodegradable milk bottle that uses a smart two-part system to aid recycling. The bottles are composed of a cardboard outer manufactured from pulped, recycled cardboard, which is lined with an inner sleeve of biodegradable plastic made from corn starch. The plastic … More »
  4. Incentive-based recycling: Going green has gotten a lot more enticing to consumers in communities served by Philadelphia-based RecycleBank. Households can earn RecycleBank Dollars, redeemable for discount coupons at select retailers, just for putting their recyclables out to be collected. But the incentives don’t stop there. It’s also great promotion and community … More »
  5. Product life story labels: Product life story labels — Dole Organic lets consumers “travel to the origin of each organic product”. By typing in a fruit sticker’s three-digit Farm Code on Dole Organic’s website, customers can find the story behind their banana. Each farm’s section on the website includes background info, shows photos of the crops and workers … More »
  6. Eco assessment for homes & businesses: Sydney-based Todae offers businesses practical advice for cutting down energy and water usage and reducing their environmental impact. For AUD 399, a Todae consultant will come to an office or store and check everything from recycling to heating and cooling systems. The business is then provided with a detailed … More »
  7. Full-service home composting: A new start-up in Bangalore, India, hopes to arm consumers with products and services to empower them toward a simple solution for reducing landfill waste: composting. The Daily Dump offers an array of decorative composting containers that can be used in the home to manage organic household waste and … More »
  8. Water ‘skin’ reduces waste: Pitched as a water skin, a new bottle created by French packaging manufacturer Sidel provides a lighter alternative to traditional PET bottles. A regular plastic half-litre water bottle weighs 13 – 16 grams. Sidel’s NoBottle weighs just 9.9 grams. According to Sidel, “Water is the largest beverage market by … More »
  9. Solar-powered trash masher: The BigBelly is a solar-powered waste container that aims to eliminate those all-too-familiar overflowing trash cans, keeping public spaces cleaner and greener. The flagship product of US-based Seahorse Power Company, BigBelly units compact trash on the spot, optimizing refuse capacity — a BigBelly holds up to five times as … More »
  10. Eco starter kits: Most of us realize there are changes we should make in our lives to become more environmentally friendly, but overcoming inertia and actually doing it can be another matter. Now a few different companies offer starter kits to help make those changes happen.

Simon Turner

Coming Clean: Flying Carbon Neutral

window.jpg As part of Marquette Turner’s committment to transforming the way real estate businesses operate, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

The major way that we harm the environment is through air travel.  Therefore, through carbon off-setting schemes we ensure that such travel is 100% carbon neutral.

Since 01 Jan 08

We have flown: 4910km

We have offset: 1.507 T of CO2

Carbon Off-Setting

Marquette Turner has committed to offsetting carbon omissions from the travelling we do and we have been thrilled to use the new carbon offset facility when booking flights through Qantas (Virgin Blue offer a similar scheme).

The amount of carbon produced for each flight is calculated and for only a couple of dollars (depending on where you are travelling) you can offset your emissions and do your bit for the planet.

Simon Turner introduced the “Clear The Air” strategy into our company early in 2007 and Marquette Turner’s commitment to carbon offsets is just one area in which “Clear The Air” aims to improve the environment.

We also have strict policies around the type of paper we use, preferring recycled products wherever possible. We also avoid mass mail outs and restrict the amount we print to help do what we can to create a greener world. 

Our Year 2020 home competition will be held for the first time in 2008 and will involve Primary School children coming up with the best concept and design for a green home of the future. We are incredibly excited and look forward to releasing full details in the new year.

It’s time to come clean and Clear the Air

Welcome to Marquette Turner’s CLEAR THE AIR initiative.

CLEAR THE AIR is our effort to encourage our own company’s corporate environmental responsibility, as well actively promote the issue of climate change.

We hope to substantially improve the eco-friendliness of our team, our family, our friends, our clients, our country and our planet to ensure that everyone’s impact upon the environment is a positive one.

We encourage you to join us.  It’s time to come clean and clear the air.