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ECOPOD: Be Green in this Life & the Next

You’ve done everything you can to green your lifestyle, eating and buying the right foods and products, making sure you tread lightly on our earth. But have you thought much about your “return”?

There are a number of international services and products that promote low impact funerals.

Designed in the UK, the Ecopod is a revolutionary design concept to “return to the earth.” Made from 100 % naturally hardened recycled paper ideal for a green burial or a clean cremation.

The Ecopod was designed by Hazel Selina who spent many years working with natural birth. Now that her family have grown up she feels it is time to turn her attention to the primal event of death.

Hazel has had a lifelong interest in Ancient Egypt and the rituals surrounding birth and death. She is also a friend of the earth and concerned about the pressing issues of Ecology.

Hundreds of Ecopods have been successfully used throughout the UK since 1998. The Ecopod is extremely durable – it weighs around 40+ pounds and yet even the small size can carry 200 pounds! It is covered in handmade mulberry leaf and recycled silk paper.

The US also has a variety of services that promote more natural funeral arrangements. The Natural Burial Company in the US offers funeral planning services and also promote the Ecopod. Meanwhile, ARKA offers eco funeral planning in the UK. Because of the pollution involved, many of these services tend to shy away from cremation and suggest burial with tree planting instead.

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